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Looking for people who could answer a few questions

Hello, I’m french, I’m in my last year of high school. In order to study journalism next year in a school in France I need to organise a few interviews with journalists. So I’m trying to talk to as much people I can, who work in journalism, had already written articles or participated in the creation of a report, have a blog… If you speak english or french and you have the time to answer to some of my questions through emails, please answer to this message, I will be very glad to talk to you.

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I’m not a Journalist but I have travelled a few… and I can answer some things.

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I am a writer and writes content for a well known organization online. I am not close to being a journalist by if you require any help from me, i am willing to help. economic assignment uk

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I am not a Journalist but I am a Student and Academic writer and currently, I am learning French In I think I can answer your questions and also write my assignment for me uk that our French teacher gives us to write a paragraph on any topic in the French language you may ask your question I am trying to give an answer.

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Hi there, I’m a journalist and I would be willing to help you out! If you need my contact information, you can find it on my profile page. Thanks!

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