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Looking for ideas on how to write about family travel in a new way

Matador launched a new Facebook page dedicated to family travel called Bring the Kids  (go follow it here:

Most articles that have to do with traveling with the kiddos are, well…totally lame and uninspired, in my humble opinion.  “We took Johnny to Disneyland and opened his eyes to adventure and oh how we all bonded!”…no.  I want to showcase badass moms and dads and kids off on real adventures that most people think that you have to give up once you have kids.  If you know of any, have them comment on this thread so I can get in touch. I’d love to work with them on an article.

Even if you don’t have kids, what titles or angles can you think of that might help Matador explore family travel in a fresh way?

All help appreciated!  Thanks, everyone!


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Now that I have a little one, I’m tired of reading what to pack for your resort and dying to know:

– how to realistically see a place with kids in tow (namely, how to handle naps!) and actually enjoy it

– how to ensure your kid actually gets something out of the experience

– volunteering with kids

– what’s required to pull your kid out of school to travel, how to make up for it, and what happens when you go home

– a positive twist like advantages to traveling with kids

– specific ages: why traveling with a newborn/toddler/older kid/preteen is the best (worst?)

– N things my kid learned by visiting _________ (educational/eye opening)

– How to rock _____ (rome/kenya/iceland) with a baby on your back

– Actual guides to surviving jet lag, like on point set your watch to this suggestions

– Guides to saving up for family trips // working abroad as a family


That’s just off the top of my head! I have yet to take the LO away yet … we moved cities, bought a house, etc. But it’s coming!

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As someone who’s been a scout, traveled with children, traveled with parents, and traveled with kids nad their parents, this might be a good place to start.

Scouts are very prone to have their children/siblings become scouts as well, and I know that these experiences provide some very unique situations worth writing about. This of couse, wouldn’t have to be to promote scouts, but to promote the outdoor experiences with your children.

Father and son doing axethrowing, mom and daughter doing archery. Discovering hidden talents within your children, or maybe even fears?

I’d read that.

-J (:

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I blog about our travels with kids. We are 4 months into an indefinite trip in South America. Definitely not resort livin!

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Some ideas for posts are: er visits abroad (less than a week into our journey we had our first ever er visit), traveling alone with kids, the best and worst times for flights/bus rides, education (worldschooling) and how to incorporate it into your trip, teen apathy/attitude, how to have real adventures with kids e.g. hiking, biking, kayaking etc, are there best/worst ages for travel with kids?, different attitudes on parenting in different cultures, how to deal with homesickness, and what are the best toys/games to bring. There are so many different angles you can pursue.

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As a parent, I would love to read about:

-follow-up activities parents have done to make sure kids remember/learn something from their travels

-alternative modes of transport kids enjoyed on their trips abroad (cross country rail trip, tuktuk, campervan holidays, camel ride, etc)

-the coolest things kids received in-flight (ie child meals, free blankets, activity sets)


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We are traveling through Europe for a year with our 8 and 10-year-old boys. I don’t know if it’s lame or not 😉 but I blog about our travels here: and we post videos here:

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I hope you all are submitting your articles as well! 🙂

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I’m not a parent but I would suggest having someone who took their kids on a mission trip and/or how they were able to use a trip to teach them how to help others. For example, I went with my mom and aunt to volunteer at Child Evangelism Fellowship in Missouri for the first time when I was 12, and was able to help out at the mailbox club that reaches out to kids around the U.S. It was a great experience.

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We live in Germany at the moment and we take the 2 kids everywhere…Oktoberfest, the Matterhorn for instance… we even took the Queen Mary 2 just to move here.

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This has been a subject I have dabbled with lately. I do have a descriptive article in the works about taking infants/toddlers into the backcountry. Before I had children I took advantage of my bachelor status, and spent many years living in Africa, and roaming the mountain West out of my car. After my daughter was born, so many friends and family were worried about my adventurous lifestyle and wondered if I would be able to adjust to
“parent-life.” Well, it turns out I didn’t adjust that well, and so my wife and I decided we would live our life the way we wanted to, even if it went against norms. When our daughter was only 3 months old we did an overnight trip in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness of Montana, and have since then done multiple backcountry trips. We are now comfortable enough to take extended road trips in southern Utah, taking turns running the trails while the other goes on more mellow hikes with the kids. With our climbing community in Colorado, we find we can also get some climbing-time in with a little coordinating. We have discovered that our adventure life didn’t have to end with kids; it just changed- and it takes more logistical planning ( I have written short pieces on this subject in my blog listed in my profile).


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I grew up travelling – as an eight year old, we did an overland trip from Nepal to London on a hippie bus. Now we travel with our own children – so far we have lived with them in Pakistan, St Lucia and now South Africa, as well as our home country (UK) . I have lots of ideas for stories I could write about.

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Im new to this and haven’t yet submitted anything. Are these unique posts or are they rehashing of existing posts on our own blogs?and if the marketplace has N/A for payment, does that mean I’m offering my articles for free? I have so many ideas and not even time in my blog schedule to post them all so I would love to post a few here – I’ve been traveling with my two little ones for 3 years now, while hubby holds a full time job

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As a family, we hosted an exchange student from Slovakia. It was a way to experience a different culture without leaving our home. To this day, I still have a Slovak son by the name of Ondrej that still calls me “Mom.” Children are expensive. It can be difficult for many families to take epic trips to other countries. It might be nice for younger families to read about ways they can bring travel into their home.

@Kate, pull your children out of school when they are young. It gets much harder when they enter high school and their credits count. If you want to homeschool, start the process in early childhood. It is much easier for them to grow up as homeschoolers, then to begin the process at a later age. I speak from experience.

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We’ve done it all, and I just started to write about our experiences of traveling with kids.  We are travelers before we had kids, and having them didn’t stop us at all.  We took them on trips basically since the day they were born.  We never stayed in resorts (I have an aversion to them), and tried to stay away from amusement parks. My oldest child’s first road trip was when he was a few days old, my youngest child leaned to walk in Australia (we live in the US); we’ve taken them on local buses in Mexico, where we were the only “gringos”. They were very young, and loved it.  It is much easier to travel with kids, especially young kids, than people think.  They are open to new experiences, and as long as they are not extremely hungry or tired, they are up for anything.  You can survive a 15 hour plane ride with two kids and a baby as well, without too much of a hassle. It is possible, and really enjoyable.

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