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Looking for guidance.

Hello all,

I am new to traveling and still have not left my home country. That being said, I am very interested in seeing the world! Where should I travel to first? (I know this is broad; however, I am thinking about somewhere in Europe that is affordable).

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give me your opinion,


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Wow…that’s a huge question! Where do you live? The more info you can give the more helpful responses you might get…like what kind of budget are you thinking about (think Euros/$ per day). If you’re looking purely for cheaper destinations, you should consider southeast Asia as well…or perhaps eastern Europe as that will be cheaper than western Europe.

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Howdy! I was turned on to a resource: . You are able to find the most affordable flights based out of the closest airport to you by putting in your airport and putting ‘everywhere’ in the ‘to’ box, then select an entire month. This is how I will be planning where to go next. Give it a shot.


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hello new Traveller.


this question can be answered by your passion . try to go anywhere on your budget . just start and everything will be easy for you afterwards . its just the trigger of start .

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Hi Zachary, your profile indicates Quebec, Canada.  Is that right? What appeals to you?  Are you looking for outdoor adventure? exotic cultures? warm? cold? And what exactly is your budget?  As Carlo mentioned, southeast Asia might be a thought too.  Good luck,  the world is filled with interesting places and people so you really can’t go wrong.

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