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Looking for cooperation with travelers

Hi, my name is Simona and I work for Sygic Travel – the World’s leading trip planning platform.

I have recently started interviewing various travelers for our company blog. With these interviews, we aim to provide interesting content for our readers, but also for our newsletter subscribers (approx. 1 million people from all around the world). In addition to that, I share these interviews on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and some of them also on Linkedin and Pinterest. These posts are always very popular because people love reading personal stories or opinions of travelers. For example this one, with Georg Papp. 🙂 I usually ask the travellers what their favourite destinations are, why they took up travelling etc.

In exchange for it, it would be great if you could write a short review of the Sygic Travel app on your blog or social media. I will activate Sygic Travel Premium on your account so that you can enjoy the full version of the app and all its features.

I am sure that this would be a beneficial cooperation. Our followers and users are people who love to travel and thanks to this interview, they could discover your blog and start following you as well. If you are interested, please write me at Send me links to your blog/website and social media. If we are interested in collaboration we’ll let you know.


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I’m a budget traveler and a writer, I’d love to contribute! You can reach me on social media @ariellekaimana or my website,

Let’s talk soon! 🙂

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Hi Simona,

If it is not already too late, I would be more than ecstatic to collaborate with you and your team.  I travel across the United States with my four younger sisters, parents, and dog in our van, but while we are not traveling for vacations, we travel up and down our home state of New Jersey for our work.  On the weekends, my sisters and I work alongside my parents on their food truck.  You can check out my instagram @fivetravelingsisters, along with my parents’ instagram @fivesistersfoodco.  I will also email some blogs I have written about some of my favorite places we have traveled to.  Hope to hear back from you!!


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Hi Shimona,

I am localhost, so we don’t create travellers experiences but our experiences of ow travelers find us in Sikkim, Darjeeling and  Bhutan. Please check

Our blog :

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Hello Simona!

I run a travel magazine as well as a personal blog.

My magazine is

If it’s not too late, I’d love to collaborate with you. Thanks a lot.


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I travel all over the world, i know many places in Mexico and tourist destinations like Cancun, United States and big cities, Europe, Canada and Australia.

if you want to know more about my travels visit my profile 🙂


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Hi, Simona!

Instagram: @everstfamily

We are family adventurers photographers team who share a passion of travel. We explore this world with our baby and share hiking experience 🙂

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Hello Simona !

I am a backpacker traveler and I just came back from Thailand, Vietam and Indonesia. I try to travel in the most economical way possible. Check my second account on ig:

Thank you 🙂


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We would love to collab depending on your requirements through our blog and social media channels. You can also mail us at



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si alguien está interesado en viajar a Japón, le invito a descubrir mi blog de Japón Alternativo.

Un saludo

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