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Looking for cooperation with travelers

Hi, my name is Simona and I work for Sygic Travel – the World’s leading trip planning platform.

I have recently started interviewing various travelers for our company blog. With these interviews, we aim to provide interesting content for our readers, but also for our newsletter subscribers (approx. 1 million people from all around the world). In addition to that, I share these interviews on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and some of them also on Linkedin and Pinterest. These posts are always very popular because people love reading personal stories or opinions of travelers. For example this one, with Georg Papp. 🙂 I usually ask the travellers what their favourite destinations are, why they took up travelling etc.

In exchange for it, it would be great if you could write a short review of the Sygic Travel app on your blog or social media. I will activate Sygic Travel Premium on your account so that you can enjoy the full version of the app and all its features.

I am sure that this would be a beneficial cooperation. Our followers and users are people who love to travel and thanks to this interview, they could discover your blog and start following you as well. If you are interested, please write me at Send me links to your blog/website and social media. If we are interested in collaboration we’ll let you know.


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Hello Simona, you can check mi Instagram@roselinflores24 and see #HistoriasCortasDeRoss if you interested,please write me in my Instagram.



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Hi Simona,

I would love to discuss my experience in India, how its affected my life and the problems foreigners face here,there are serious issues that need attention and need to be exploited in regards to travel and residence.


Please get back to me.


Thank You.

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Hi Simona-  I am founder of Happy Traveler, a single parent family travel website.  I would give you a new audience and interesting perspective.  write for  Hotel Executive-

Happy Traveler-


Instagram- I run a closed group of 3,000 single moms and could post on that.

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hey that is good news. When you are about to start your travelling don’t forget to check your packing. You may want to have some proper clothing when you are leaving for your trip. I have done shopping from JcPenney coupons   as they are affordable, save me some bucks to use them at my tour.

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Simona is very happy to read good news from you. I’m also very fond of traveling and all that is associated with them is not for nothing that I started writing my blog for papercheap about traveling, because that’s how I can combine two favorite things at once: write and travel! To whom it is interesting to read, where it is better to go on a trip, you can see Simone’s channel on YouTube!

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Hi Simona! My name is Taylor Swift (yes, it’s real) and my ig is @tayraeswift . I’m American and in my second year working in Madrid, and frequently go on trips throughout different parts of Europe.

Let me know if you’re interested 🙂

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Hello Simona,

I emailed you recently but figured I would summarize my post here for the ease of reading.

Below you will find articles/stories that I believe your readers will enjoy.

Running With The Bulls

6 Books To Satisfy Wanderlust

5 Deep Reasons For Traveling Solo

Either way, I wish nothing but success for you and your company.


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I am happy to share my travel experiences also

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Hey Simona; I sent you an e-mail as well. Sending best wishes from Cape Town 🙂

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Hi Simona,

This reply may be a little bit late but if you’re still looking for people I’d be happy to collaborate.

I am a travel photographer with a blog section on my website.

Greetings from London 😄



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I travelled some EU countries, India, South Asian countries.

Got some great and some worst experiences to share, if you wanna.

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