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So Long MatadorU – Welcome Carlo Alcos as the new Dean of the U!

Dear MatadorU,

My favorite thing about the U – the students, alum and the faculty – is that we are all on this journey together. The desire and dream to create meaningful travel stories and to explore every nook and cranny of this earth is a deep bond that we all share. It’s a bond that keeps us moving forward, together.

My time at the U has been a highlight of my journey, but like all stops along the traveler’s way, it’s time for me to shoulder my pack, lace up my boots and continue on.

Carlo Alcos, Matador Network Managing editor, one-time Brave New Traveler editor and a man I am lucky to consider a friend, will be stepping in to lead MatadorU.

Carlo brings an incredible amount of experience and insight to the U – where he has been working behind the scenes for some time to make the MatadorU experience better and better. I know you will agree that he is the perfect person for the job of Dean.

I’m entering a new phase of my travel media journey that requires me to refocus my efforts and place my energy into some exciting new projects. I will still be publishing my work at Matador and will remain involved with this amazing company of people that have become a family to me.

Thank you for being here, for pushing the limits of your craft, for telling your stories and for sharing your journey with all of us. Thank you for allowing me and the MatadorU family to be a part of that journey and share some of what we have learned along the way.

I’ll see you out there – on a train, in the terminal, among the crowds (on undoubtedly on Facebook!) – so if you see me don’t be a stranger.

Safe Travels,


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Congrats on your new endeavors Josh!  And congrats Carlo on the new position!  Keep rockin’ it you two 🙂

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We’ll miss you Joshy!

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Best of luck to you Josh – you been awesome! Cheers for the help along the way. Congrats Carlo!

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Thank you, Josh. Good luck and happy trails!

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Congrats Josh and all the best for the new chapter.  You will be missed.

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Have some great journeys!  Here’s a quote by Dostoevsky I hope you find as inspiring as I did the writing course, “‘Yes, life is full, there is life even underground,’ he began again.  ‘You wouldn’t believe, Alexey, how I want to live now, what a thirst for existence and consciousness has sprung up in me within these peeling walls.'”  Good luck on your projects!

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Josh, good luck and happy travels! Thank you for all your encouragement and help. We appreciate all your contributions to the U! Cheers, Steph Glaser

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