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Location as "Expert" in Profile not recognized

I’m trying to add Costa Rica, where I lived for more than four years, to my Profile in “Local Expert – Places You’ve Lived for More than a Year” section. The problem is when I type in Costa Rica, the system auto-fills with Costa Rica, Brazil!! It seems that Matador doesn’t have the country of Costa Rica in their default list. I tried San Jose, Costa Rica but it “couldn’t find” that location. This is ridiculous! Any suggestions on how to get around this? Isn’t there somewhere to add a nation? Thanks!

View Profile 2018-07-25 11:29:34 PDT

Hey Kat…you can’t add an entire country, you have to name a city. When I type in San Jose I do see San Jose, Costa Rica in the resulting list.

View Profile 2018-07-27 11:41:25 PDT