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Lisa's advertising page!

Hi Julie,

Here is my advertising page.

Honestly, this assignment was definitely not for the likes of me! I do not have any publications and do not have high numbers to boast of :(

But I promise you before the year is over I will come back and resubmit this assignment with an updated one :)


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I think your page looks pretty good. In fact I have gone through your blog and like your writing style, it’s simple and easy to relate to. Nice work!

My writing has only just come into being and I have only recently started a blog thanks to Matador.

Looking forward to reading more from you.


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Hi Priyanka,

Thanks for that positive note! I started out the same way as you did “Thanks to Matador”. I am sure you will like the course. Enjoy the assignments and my advice will be not to rush it!

In the beginning my aim was to get the assignment out there and that resulted in my sloppy work. I re did my old assignments lately and I should say it did turn out pretty well.

Good luck and do share you your writings.


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Hi, Lisa-

Lots of students offer the same “disclaimer” when they submit this chapter’s assignment, but there’s no need to do so. Everyone who has a blog is really nurturing a work in progress, and I think most students who have done this assignment when their readership numbers are low have actually found it really helpful in terms of shaping their plans for the next 6 months-year. The Advertising Page will always need to be updated and maintained. You may want to make a note to check it every month or so and update it accordingly.

I love that you open with a perfect quote; it really sets a particular tone for what’s to come, and it’s refreshing because it hints that you’re not in this solely for commercial gain.


-“USA is not far behind with a 32.3 ” {delete the “a”]

-“Trip Planning” should be “Trip planning” to be consistent with the other items in your list

-What 2012 has to offer? should be What does 2012 have to offer?

-“Download the Media Kitty for answers to all your question” should be “Download [you may want to be more specific here, as many advertisers aren’t likely to know what Media Kitty is] for answers to all your questions.”

On the Media Kitty report:

-The blog was created in July 2010 and moved to it’s [this should be “its” without an apostrophe] current address in Au-gust 2011.

-Be consistent with the capitalization of the title of your blog: “The stories published on Places, Faces and the Journey in between” should be “The stories published on Places, Faces and the Journey in Between”

-The stories published on Places, Faces and the Journey in between range from simple narrative pieces to detailed itineraries with photographs. The blog covers remotes location [should be “remote locations”], hot spot tourist location [should be hot spot tourist locations], schools in African villages, [add the word “and”] elephants moving tree trunks [add a period.]

-The readers of Places, Faces and the Journey in between [as above re consistency of title] are from different back-grounds and have a variety of interests between them. [delete “between them”]

-So what ever [should be “whatever”] your product be [change “be” to “is”] , there is a target customer prowling nearby!

-“In short [add a comma] need a writer? Well [add a comma] your search ends here.”

-“I am [add an “a” here] writer, blogger, part time teacher and a whole lot of other things.”

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I am so glad I found your blog again! And it is good to see how far you have come. I veered away for quite some time when I had to go get a cubicle job to pay the bills. I read through the assignments, but delayed completing them until I felt like I was back in a place to be ready to pursue this life.

Yours was one of the MatadorU blogs I saved early on, because your comments on mine were encouraging, and I enjoyed your writing. Anyhow, I am glad to catch up with you again. As before, I will mostly likely use your page as a guiding example!

Thank you!

Todd J. Holcomb

The Leaning Tree @

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