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Like to know about travelling aound Iran

I am shamim from Iran and very passionate about traveling, culture, history, art and traditions.I am a newer in this site, but found it really amazing. So many cool people how love traveling in one place make me really surprised.

Recently  I want to start writing about different cities and villages around Iran so people around the world can become much more familiar with my country.

anyone have some interest about that ?

I also need a professional editor who can help me to rearrange my articles and also help me to make suitable changes in my articles so they become wonderful.

Because as maybe you know , English language is not something in Iran we learn about it in Iran. So I learn it by myself and by that I know , I make many mistakes in my writing and also transfer my meaning correctly in English.

So be free to talk more about your ideas with me. I really need your helps in my way to introduce my country to all people around the world.

My email address :

My instagram Idea : Shamimshahmardani

waiting for your responses

best regards


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hi shamim bahrain shahmardani

its really wonderful to see your enthusiasm in telling about your country,  culture and its history. i really would love to see your writings about your country.  My suggestion is don’t bother about the language and grammar.  The original way in which you represent your thought will lend a charm.

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I need a professional editor too, write me

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I tell stories about Iran (: Your photos look really cool. Mine is Zhu The Girl ( by Ins: @zhuthegirl

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