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Lightroom Distortions?

Hi All,

I’ve never been big on editing photos so lately I’ve challenged myself to really have fun with editing and explore what it can do but right now, I’m stumped!! I took a photo of some ruins that I absolutely love but because of the overgrowth all around I was forced to take it from a very unfortunate position (from the left and standing on uneven ground). I’ve been trying to level it out all morning and I’ve gotten close but it’s still too cattywampus for my taste.

My question for you is: Is there a way to select part of a photo (say the left third) and level out only that section? I’ve been told that it’s possible to do in other programs but haven’t been able to figure it out in Lightroom 5.7 yet.

Thank you!

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No, I don’t think you can do that. Lightroom is not great at selective editing. You can definitely do it in Photoshop though.

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Photoshop would be the program for that type of editing.

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I thought so… :(. Thanks guys!

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Can you post the photo? I’m curious why you’d only want to level a portion of the image?

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I think that the internet connection where I am isn’t strong enough to let me upload a photo into this forum because I keep getting the blue question mark of death when I try but if you go to it’s the first photo on the page. I imagine that if I was able to straighten the left third a bit the whole thing could level out.

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You can’t upload images directly into the thread, but you can click the Insert image button and paste in the URL to the image in the Source field and it will show up here. (So this URL –

I downloaded it and put it into Lightroom…everything looks fairly level to me…the top windows, that ledge, etc…they’re all pretty horizontal. I think it’s just the perspective of the shot and the way the lines are running that gives an illusion of things being off. What are you trying to level to? I don’t know, I’m no pro but I think if you have a different vision of what you want this shot to be you would need to just retake/recompose it from a different perspective.

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Thanks, I was going about that uploading all wrong!

I tried leveling off of the line above the door frames as well as the one above the windows. My vision was to make it appear as if you’re standing directly below, looking up at this immaculate ruin, feeling very small and wanting nothing more than to climb inside and explore its secrets. I wish I could retake/recompose but I took it while backpacking a few weeks ago in Ireland and I made the mistake of taking an iPad instead of my computer to try and keep my load lighter. Long story short, I ended up running into endless problems trying to upload with high quality so I had to wait to edit all my photos until I returned home. I’ll never leave my computer behind again!

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