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Leverage Your Identity from 11 Secrets

I recently received 11 Secrets to being a successful travel journalist in 2016 and LOVED it.  If you haven’t read it yet, do.  No. 3 on the list is about leveraging your identity so here goes for me.  Please post your own story of leveraging your identity.

I’m female, a senior woman over 60 (yikes), who is still actively engaged in adventure sports, whether mountain biking, climbing, backpacking. I travel solo seeking out adventure and recently travelled through the Himalayas independent of a group.  I did have a guide but no porter for much of my travels.  I was an oddity for sure.  Who are you?

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Hey Mariene, I love this idea!

I’m a millennial woman from Maine, living less than 100 miles from my hometown (and my mother’s hometown, and her mother’s hometown). And yet, I’m a traveler as well — I’ve lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean, I’ve driven from Maine to Mexico, I’ve driven around Ireland solo, and yet I still find myself back in the place I have roots. I’m a writer, but also an artisan. I run a business as a freelance writer, but also a business as an auto trimmer — redoing cars, boats and motorcycle upholstery. I’m  a feminist, a reader, an activist, a reader and a woman who wants to go everywhere on her motorcycle that was born 9 years before her.


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Wow, love it Emma.  On a motorcycle?  Very cool

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Love this post Marlene…I’ll jump back in later with my own, but for others who are wondering what you’re talking about, you can download the PDF here –

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