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Letter of Interest to Partner on Trip


I have used this asignment to write a sample letter aimed to get complimentary accomodations for a trip I will be making soon. This lesson helped me a lot to craft soemthing professional.

Let me know what you think.

I also have a question: since I am going to Mexico, should I send the letter in Spanish (I am bilingual)?



My name is Ruth and I am the fully bilingual editor of a blog called Tanama Tales. The site is about encouraging and equipping readers to have travel experiences where they can savor the culture and make life changing, meaningful connections.

Content on the blog is updated four times per week and reach an audience of more than 10,000 monthly readers (17,000 page views), 1,230 Facebook fans and 3,400 Twitter followers. According to site analytics, readers are well educated and with incomes over $60K per year.

I am planning a trip to Puebla on October in order to look for gastronomic, architectural and cultural stories for my blog. I was wondering if your hotel would be interested in working with Tanama Tales on this trip. I will appreciate if you can offer accommodations for two nights (October 16, 17). In exchange, I can offer a review of your propriety, a place in my sponsors page or mentions in the series I would be writing about Puebla. The content can be featured through my social media channels.

To help you get a better idea of what Tanama Tales is all about and what we might be able to accomplish by working together, I have attached my media kit.

Feel free to contact me to discuss details.

I look forward to hearing from your hotel soon. Thanks,


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Hey Ruth,

That’s a darn near perfect pitch. Concise, and to the point. Impressive stats and you clearly know your stuff. The bilingualism is an incredibly strong asset as well.

I think it’s fine to keep the letter in English. Have a look at their website and see what the dominate language is, but typically any media correspondances are in English.


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Hey Candice, thanks for the input. I sent the letter in English to some hotels. I just added a line stating that they can contact me in Spanish if they wish.

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