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Letter of Inquiry for Volunteer Trips

Hey all – here’s the letter I’ve written to as Media Kitty still has’t accepted my request to join the site (is this normal?).

Dear K. Curnow – Biosphere Expeditions

My name is Lindsay Williams, and I am a blogger and travel writer for Matador Network (, the world’s largest and most dynamic online travel magazine.

Matador adds new content to each of the blogs daily and has a readership that is extensive: 1.5 million unique views per month, 13,000+ RSS subscribers, 6,500+ Twitter followers, and more than 10,000+ individual and 4,000 organizational members of The demographic is diverse in age, background, and current location.

I’m particularly interested in the Biosphere Expeditions press trips you are organizing because I traveled to Greece for one month this year, documenting social initiatives and travel related projects in the region, which you can on my personal blog, (a travel blog I maintain covering purposeful travel). I’m passionate about conservation in general, but in particular, am interested in methods of helping improve the lives of others as a mode of travel.

The articles would be published on my blog (1,000+ visitors per month), and submitted for publication to a range of publications, including Matador Network, the world’s largest online magazine (1.5 million unique views), regional and local Canadian newspapers, and other online travel publications.

I’d be happy to provide any other details you’d like and can confirm, as a travel writer and personal blogger, that I would be able to place a series of articles related to the trip online. I would then use a wide variety of social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Digg) to expand the articles reach even further.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Smiles, Lindsay

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Hey Lindsay

I never heard anything from Media Kitty either. I emailed to ask why, and was told that I had to submit three samples of published work, in order to join. Send the samples to

Hope this helps!


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Hey Lindsay,

Yep, you might just need to follow up.

This reads fine, although if you have a specific article idea already in mind, that’d help you out a lot. It’s also risky to say that you’ll contribute to various Canadian publications, etc., unless you’ve already cleared it with certain pubs first. If you’re an established writer already, this is usually no problem. But for PR folks, it can be risky if they’re not entirely aware of your credentials.

Be careful about repetition, also. You mention Matador’s page views twice, for example. If you could trim here and there, it’d be golden!

Hope that helps,


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@Pat – I’ll get right on that, thanks!

@Candice Thank you…twas a bit rushed. I’ll patch it up.

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