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Latest improvements at MatadorU (Sept 16, 2014)

Hey students…you may have noticed that things look a little different around here. We’ve been busy making some improvements on the site. Here’s what you’ll see:

1. New Dashboard – Some re-arranging has been done to include Activity (the live stream either globally or just of people you choose to follow), a quick glance at the newest students and Market Leads, and the latest Forum threads and conversations.

2. New course navigation – We’ve freed up viewing space for course curriculum by removing the side bar and course navigation from it. To navigate the courses simply use the drop down options in the grey bar below the black main nav bar. You can select the course, chapter, and lesson.

3. Course chapters are all on one page now – You’ll also notice that the entire content of a chapter is scrollable on a single page. This makes for a much nicer flow when reading through the content. You can still navigate to specific lessons and assignment/exercise by using the Lesson dropdown in the nav bar and it will take you to the appropriate place on the page.

4. Profile media – Have some awesome photos you want to share? You can now add them to your profile by clicking your name in the top right, then Media. And don’t forget to add any published work of yours in the Published Work area.

5. More profile personalization settings – In your Edit Profile page (accessed through the gear icon in the nav bar) you can now personalize your account a little more. If you speak more than one language you can select a language and also the level at which you speak it. You can also choose what your interests are. On the Student list you can filter students based on these criteria. Another way to easily find and connect with students you share common interests with!

We hope you enjoy these latest improvements. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Katie at"> if you have any questions and/or leave comments here.


View Profile 2014-09-16 14:00:37 PDT

Fantastic new features. Thanks very much.

Best wishes,


View Profile 2014-09-16 15:48:25 PDT

Great developments, love the new dashboard.

View Profile 2014-09-16 16:01:05 PDT

Sorry, just a little lost. Where do I see the activity of those I’m following now?

Love the media upload in profiles.

Many thanks,


View Profile 2014-09-16 17:08:05 PDT

Earlier, if I had completed an assignment, there was an option to revise it. I can’t find that option any more, nor can I see the comments. Can you direct me to the correct link/page to do so?

View Profile 2014-09-17 03:45:27 PDT

Hey Florian…when you’re on the Dashboard and you go to the stream click on Friends Stream.

Zalina, I’ll get Katie to see if she can help you.


View Profile 2014-09-17 12:26:49 PDT

Hi Carlo,

Are there any plans in the works that will allow you to delete and/or edit comments you make on a piece?
Several times, I’ve input comments on pieces in the ‘comments’ section instead of the ‘reply’ section before realizing  I was in the wrong field. I’ve tried a few times to search for an edit/delete comment function without much luck. Is there one already and I am just not seeing it? (This isn’t out of the realm of possibility for me lately.)

Thanks so much!

View Profile 2014-09-18 22:47:33 PDT

I’ll check with our dev team about that Jennifer. Sounds like a good idea.

View Profile 2014-09-19 08:22:05 PDT