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JANUARY THREAD: Where are you traveling this month?

Hey Creators!

Where are you traveling to this month? Are you attending a weird food festival, retreating into the wilderness, or immersing yourself in a new culture?

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I’m currently down in Tierra del Fuego, the very southernmost part of Argentina situated right on the Beagle Channel. It’s got a weird end-of-the-world feel (and all of the interesting personalities of the locals that choose to live in such an isolated spot).

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I am a homebody this month. Between a new baby and a new house and a new city, I have too much to do (and see) right where I am. I feel the itch though ….  (she wrote from her desk, literally engulfed by big brown boxes yet to be unpacked … )

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I’m heading off on a press trip to Champagne, France with my own weekend stop over in Switzerland. Really looking forward to it!

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