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Introducing some new MatadorU faculty members


Say hello to our newest faculty members! You’ll be working closely with these folks so here are a few notes on them…
Emma Thieme

Emma Thieme (Writing) – Some of you may have already worked with Emma to produce articles but she is officially joining the faculty as a mentor. Emma has a degree in journalism with a focus in women’s studies. She is currently living off-the-grid in Maine and is also a yoga teacher, an amateur motorcyclist, and a leather worker.

Cathy Brown (Writing) –Cathy’s a full time travel writer and editor based in the Andes of Patagonia. Her writing styles range from luxury to adventure to family to guidebooks and has written for, among others, Fodor’s and World Travel Guide. She also works closely with tourism boards and airlines.


Ryan Libre

Ryan Libre (Photography) – Ryan’s photography has been exhibited in over 20 galleries. Some of this publication credits include Outside, BBC, and Marie Claire, as well as several books. He has spoken at two TEDx events and has received grants from the Pullitzer Center and W. Eugene Smith Fund. He is the founder of Documentary Arts Asia — a non-profit foundation to support documentary photo and film in Asia.


Ryan Moss

Ryan Moss (Filmmaking) – Ryan is a professional photographer and filmmaker born and raised in Central California, who found a second home in Hawaii. He draws his inspiration from the surf, mountains, people, and travel that play such an important role in his life. Clients he’s worked with include: ESPN, National Geographic, Red Bull, Oakley, and Surfer Magazine.

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