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If you could create something that would spark a huge change…

What would that be?

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I’m not sure it’s a ‘creation’, but I would introduce mandatory environmental-related courses, workshops, activities and in-field work in schools, from first grade up to highschool included.

Sensitizing children to the environment at an early age is morally right, healthy, educational, entertaining and economically efficient.

I guess the ‘creation’ part would be creating a curriculum which would put this into practice.

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I’ve always thought wilderness education should be a required in all schools, especially in cities. In some countries joining the military is mandatory after highschool. How about a year of mandatory wilderness training?

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R. and C., I love you guys. Let me add that a big component of those courses and education would occur outdoors. I once took second graders on a “nature” walk in Rochester, New York’s inner city.

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Exactly Mary! Going outdoors (to do some activity) it’s essential.

Carlo and Mary, I always thought this (on top of what we just said): if every person gave only 1 day a year volunteering to some environmental-related activity (planting trees, pop-up stand volunteering, etc.), wouldn’t the world be a better place?
I then think what if it were 2 days a year… but enough dreaming.

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…or, dare I say it, but three days a year?

This has been one of my favorite articles of yours, Mary:

Teaching children to protect the Earth sounds like a good place to start.

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Thank you, all. ms

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