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Heading for Iceland – Reykjavik, Isafjorur and Akureri on sequential days from Monday, 11 June to Wednesday, 13 June – arriving early a.m. and departing early p.m. Any and all travel tips welcome!

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Hey Mike, if I’ve mentioned this before sorry…but do you have the travelstoke mobile app yet? Tons of tips/spots in there for places all around the world. You can also ask questions to destinations and locals and people who’ve been there can answer the questions. Check it out:

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My husband and I went to Iceland a couple years ago and LOVED IT! I would definitely recommend getting out of the cities and driving the gorgeous Ring Road. We rented a camper van  and drove around the entire island. Just a couple hours from Reykjavic is the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The glaciers are a crazy blue color and you can see seals playing in the water. Only an hour from Reykjavic is Skogafoss Waterfall (you’ve probably seen it in a ton of photos and commercials). A lot of people visit, but then they leave. We pulled our van right up alongside it and woke up with the sun to have it all to ourselves.

Long story short, the best parts of Iceland (in my opinion) are outside of the city. So rent a car and take a drive!

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