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I wish i could travel.

I wish i coud travel abroad. You won’t understand these scentece even you know all the story. During my visit to egypt i met a farmer who told me that his son want travel abroad but he refused as his son must look after his family and his field as they all what they have.he told me how his father tried hard to buy this field and he mustn’t sell his field easily for his who want to travel abroad. The farmer and his son were in conflict as the son want to sell and the father want save it. The farmer asked me what he should do in this situation but i realy couldn’t say any thing.

Whay do you think i should have told him??

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I know that life in Egypt is very, very hard as a farmer. I’ve met a few. The son sees the world as a possibility and the father sees his farm as his world. I can’t tell you what you should have said, but I would have told the son about my experiences in travelling and added that he can anything he wants to do. There are many ways to travel. He can even take a long road trip depending on where they are in Egypt. Start saving from now and one day it will happen. Even if for a short trip.

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Have visited Egypt as a part of Holy Land tour from India. couldn’t explore the much. but people seem to be unfriendly.

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