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I have a question

Hi, My name is Girija.

I am currently working on Chapter 1, assignment, on hometowns.  Could it be anyone’s hometown?  I was planning on writing on my father’s hometown, in India. I have been there several times.


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Hi Girija,

The point I think of the subject in this assignment is to start with what you know – i.e. write about the place you know best.  Naturally, for most people that’s their hometown.  I too am having a bit of an issue with this because on average since I was 1 years of age, I have moved home every 3-6 years; I therefore do not perceive any place my ‘hometown’ and have only lived at my current location for the past 5 weeks.

In the assignment, you don’t actually have to inform the reader whether or not it is your actual home town, so I image that you could simply just write about a place that you feel you know well – I’m assuming that one of the lovely faculty members will correct me if I’m wrong 😉

Happy writing,


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