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how to do Iceland?


Summer vs winter?

Rent car and circle the whole thing vs… trekk a specific trail in a narrower region?

Curious to know more about the car and circle approach




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I’ve been twice in winter… lots of fog and not the best driving conditions with many road closures. So if you are thinking of road tripping it, I’d definitely suggest summer.

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Hey Sebastian,

I have been in the “Summer” I was there in June with fellow Matador student Vincent Croos and it really depends on what you want to see. If you want the Northern Lights, then go in winter (I cant wait to go back for this) but if you want to see the waterfalls and maximise daylight, then Summer is when you want to go. Especially as the sun does not really set.

I rented a camper van from KuKu Campers. It worked out cheaper than renting a car and had the luxury of sleeping whereever we wanted. As a Photographer, this worked out perfect and is how I would do it again. We still used the occasional hostel (to escape the train crash that is Vincents snoring) and leeched  free wifi wherever possible.

We had a 6 night window and chose to head from Reykjavik to Jokulsarlon and back again instead of completing the ring road. Although we could have completed the ring road, it would have meant rushing at destinations that we wanted to photograph.

I wrote this article that Matador published, that may help:

10 Photography tips for Iceland

Regardless, you will have an amazing time – it is the most amazing place and I really cant wait to go back.



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I’m just back from Iceland with a project with Visit Iceland and we only covered the South and the West in 12 days.

The project was in April which is a great month because you get more daily light and you still have the chance to see the Northern Lights; to me, winter is the best season (I’ve been there in december also on a partnership with Visit Iceland) and it was marvellous.

Summer is crowded and sometimes impossible.

In terms of logistic, we had a car but we were there for a photo-food assignment so we did hike a lot, climb and glacier hunting.

It depends by what you’re looking for but Iceland is a terrific land and no matter when and how you will visit it it will remain in your head for a long time: I’ll be back for the second part of the project in autumn and I seriously cannot wait.

If you need more info, pop me a private message and I’ll be happy to help!


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I actually just wrote a blog post covering all of this! Definitely would recommend winter for awesome photos and definitely rent a car (that’s what I did and had no problems). Here’s all of my suggestions in detail from the car situations to food to lodging to activities and logistics.

Kristin 🙂



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Hi Sebastian!

Regardless what you decide, you are going to LOVE Iceland!

My husband and I went in September (shoulder season, but the weather is still good) and rented a camper van. We drove around the entire ring road in a week (though I would suggest a little more time to really enjoy it).

I would like to go back to hike the interior, which looks crazy. But for a first visit, I loved driving because we could see a lot of the country (including so. many. waterfalls).

Plus, Iceland is gaining in popularity and you may want to drive the main road before tour buses take over. I’ve found anything that takes a little effort is usually spared from droves of tourists, so the interior hikes will probably take longer to become overcrowded. 🙂

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Hi Seb,

I have done it in autumn which I think is the best period (not too cold and you can see the lights). I have done a post that might answer your car and circle approach. Hope it helps! All the best.

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My dream is to live in Iceland. To me, is the world’s best country!

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