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I haven’t had time to read through all of Chapter 10 yet, but I was wondering how many hits a day does a blog need before advertisers will consider your site? Is there an estimated number? How many followers do you need before your blog is considered a success?

I know these answers will vary, but I’m just trying to find some sort of idea about where my blog sits in the grand scheme of things.

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A lot of advertisers don’t require traffic just that you keep on a topic. I think Amazon associates (which is very broad in what topics you can talk about) are like that and most individual companies as ultimately they just want to get their names out there.

It’s the ones that sell your space on your behalf to other advertisers that require a certain amount of traffic. No idea on numbers for this sort of thing though. Every follower you get on your website in theory is a success – how’s that for a cliche.

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Ahh, makes sense! Thanks for that. I know little about the ad world. I have a bajillion questions…if I can’t find them in the Chapter, I may return, hahaha.

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As Rob alluded, different sites have different requirements. For Amazon, you don’t have to have massive traffic; it seems they approve most applications for their affiliate program. Even more important than total numbers may be the demographic. Any potential advertiser can look up your blog stats on Alexa, but they’ll often want to know a bit about your readers: Where are they from? Regular, repeat visitors or mostly new visitors? How long do they spend on your site? There’s a lot of different analytic metrics–what interests the advertiser will depend upon what they’re hoping to accomplish with their ad.

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