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Hosting your own WordPress Blog

As part of the assignment, one of the sections outlines how to host your own WordPress Blog. Having mastered this particular assignment, I thought it would be a good opportunity to start a forum discussion for anyone who has chosen to host their own.

I personally chose the hosted solution so I could install my own plugins. Need help with plugins?

If you need help or assistance, let us know! Questions about hosting solutions? DNS registration? Theme Selection?


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Hi there,

I’ve been using for awhile now for a personal blog, and have established a pretty decent readership. I’ve been hoping to move over to for awhile now, but my tech skills fail me. Also, I’m incompotent.

Anyway, does anyone know of any good, free online guides for getting hosting and a domain?

Or does anyone care to guide me?

Thanks. :)

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Hi Candice, later on in the course, we actually go through how to setup your blog on In the meantime, here’s the full guide on WordPress



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Excellent! Thank you.

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Hi Candice, go to your library and check out WordPress for Dummies if they have it. Lots of good info in there and written by one of the pioneers of WordPress.

This is her personal website:

I have a domain and have signed up with a host and now just working to get my website together! Lots to learn if you’re going the .org route…

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Tons to learn, and I’m completely clueless, haha. But I definitely want to learn, I’ll try to find that book!

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Dang, Candice- I think I had WP for Dummies around here a couple months ago and could have sent it to you, but I probably donated it during a cleaning frenzy. You may be able to find it at a public library, though. It was helpful to me.

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Hi all… Not to plug a business over another, because there are probably a ton of hosts who will be equipped to host your site if or when you decide you are ready for your own domain name and not just an address at wordpress or blogger… And that definitely is not necessary for having a blog. But, one super easy solution is – look over their packages, they have one-click installation for WordPress in their hosting packages. You just have to make sure you sign up for the right package that includes it. It was simple to install. Then you can choose a basic blog theme or install a custom one from the Word Press Themes site.

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I found this video tutorial for hosting WordPress on Godaddy

Also updated the instructions in the curriculum. Thanks for the tip!

View Profile 2009-08-22 16:45:58 PDT has a few recommended hosts:

I went with Dreamhost myself, I just liked the way they sounded…not all stuffy…plus they also claim to be carbon neutral. Check em out:

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Julie, I’ll try to track down a copy anyway! Finally bought my own laptop instead of using my work’s laptop, now I can actually download stuff.

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I use the thesis theme on my website as you can easily customise it without altering the code (like buying 100s of themes all in one package), good support forum too making it a lot easier to customise bits, I’ll be using it on any future websites too:

I use host gator baby croc package to host my websites too and have had no problems with them either:

These are both affiliate links, if anyone signs up through them I get a bonus so if you like them please use my links as I don’t advertise them anywhere so am not getting money through them at the moment :)

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This is a really helpful stream – thanks everyone. I have definitely learned “trial by fire” how to use WordPress in the last week. I have a related question though – if you’re hoping to showcase both photography AND writing, are there plugins or something? I set my blog of for writing first, but I also want to showcase my photography. At this point I’m considering setting up a whole new one. Basically, I’ve played around with several plugins but nothing seems to make my photos look nice on my text-centric page. If you want to take a look, my page is here. Thanks for any help, or feel free to tell me “go read all the online guides we just listed and figure it out!”

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Carina – you can get a plugin called flickrRSS if you store your photos on flickr which is supposed to be good (showcase them on a separate page). I am going to have a photography section on my website soon and was going to try it out.

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In the process of launching my site! Woooohooooo! I’m more excited than you can imagine. Although still bewildered.

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