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Have you watched Tales by Light on Netflix yet?

I just watched the first two episodes. It’s incredible. The series follows different photographers on their shoots around the world. The cinematography is excellent.

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It’s such a good show! I love how they not only tell the story behind the shot, the photographer’s perspective, but also the technicalities of each shoot.

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Yeah, I watched 6 episodes (that’s all there was) in December while I was on a Netflix trial. They all seem to shoot Canon 🙂 You should watch Chasing Ice since you like Tales by Light.

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I saw Chasing Ice when it first came out in a theatre here…after the screening we had Bill McKibben on a Skype chat. It’s a great film for sure.

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I’ll try to watch it this weekend. Thank you for the recommendation!

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Binged it so hard. Beautifully filmed and of course excellent work. But the cinematography is just captivating all on its own.

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The cinematography is actually what’s most compelling for me. The photos, when they show some, are of course awesome. Their stories are interesting too, but yeah, the filming is stunning. For season 2 they should have someone filming the filmmakers… Tales by Light: Inception

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The filming is beautiful. I only watched the first episode but I’m sure I’ll binge the rest this weekend.

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I finally finished this last night. I have to admit, the last episode made me a bit uncomfortable, with the photog capturing the different cultures in PNG and Ethiopia. I know he was given permission in, and in some cases invited to shoot different aspects, and everyone seemed very willing to take part, and I get his desire to want to document the cultures if in fact they are disappearing…but parts of it felt like he was just using them as props for his vision, rather than just capturing them as they are. He wasn’t just an observer, but directing them. I mean, if the only reason was to document them, isn’t having them pose inauthentic and preserving the culture in a disingenuous way?

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Carlo – I fully agree. I didn’t want to bum out the thread but I had several episodes I felt a bit miffed by. Didn’t sit right.  The show has excellent cinematography but a few of the photogs and stories they chosed rubbed me the wrong way.

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@Carlo I guess it’s the real world version of Photoshop.

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I watched it.

It has beautiful cinematography and photography.

Funny you should say that about the last episode, Carlo… I thought the same thing.

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@Carlo I loved it but like you felt it was all a bit much.  Certainly not authentic captures.

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