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Have you ever been part of a protest?

Matador editors Emma and Kae Lani are compiling a collection of meaningful protest stories. Have you ever taken action in the name of something that was important to you? Maybe you were part of thousands, a small group, or maybe you stood alone. Tell us what it was like.

Remember to be ultra-specific with your details — Where were you? What was the cause? Why was it important to you? How did you feel when you were fighting for it?

We’re looking for responses that come in at 1 to 2 paragraphs or less than 250 words. If we use your story, we’ll publish your name and a link to your website, social or Matador profile.

Check out these compelling crowd-sourced articles in order to get the gist of what we’re looking for:

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If you’re interested in contributing, see this Marketplace lead.

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