Forums General MARKETPLACE Has anybody signed up for Patricia, are they legit?

Has anybody signed up for Patricia, are they legit?

Saw this Patricia add on a marketplace and thought I inquire if anybody have experience with them? Is it legit and checks out?

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I have just signed up, but am struggling to set things up. They are only launching this month, so I don’t think everything is working 100% yet.

There are a couple of things that strike me as odd. But, I am curious and they are not asking for any personal details…yet, so I thought I would give it a go. Naturally, I cannot yet tell if they are legit or not, but will let you know if I end up earning anything with them.


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Julia Marshall Thank you for the reply. I also signed up and was astonished by the minimalist interface. But I suppose everybody have to start from somewhere, right? 🙂 Lets keep each other updated and see how it goes, sounds like an interesting idea.

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Have either of you tried contacting Paul, the contact in that lead? Curious if he could answer your questions, what his response is like.

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Yes Carlo, I wrote direct to Paul using the details I found here. He took a look at my work and suggested I apply. I did and the creation was easy, but uploading my content has not yet been possible. The issue was not covered by the FAQs and I could find no helpdesk, so I wrote to Paul direct again.

He replied within hours to my initial email about joining, so hopefully he will do the same with my 2nd email.

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Edith, did you manage to physically load any of your content into the system? or, like me, have you only been able to create an account?

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Just a quick update  Carlo to let you know that Paul has indeed replied to my latest email. He has not been able to solve the issue yet, but he is responsive and is clearly working to sort things out and get me up and running 100%.

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hey guys, I also had hesitations, because it seemed too good to be true, but I think Paul seems like a decent person. I looked him up on the internet and Linkedin. And he did respond to my e-mails as well. However there hasn’t been any update in the system. I sent him three articles by now, I am not sure when it will be uploaded or if we will ever be able to earn anything 😀 . I hope it works out okay for all of us.

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Hello, thank you for creating this topic. I also did see the add and was about to join, when I came across this topic. I am on alert as to any new developments, and will create a profile on Partica, so that I can join in and let you know what I find along the way. Thanks and have a good day.

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Heyhey! In case anybody’s still wondering, I got an email that says the initial launch will be on the 26th of July.

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Hikmet  do you know what the initial launch means? will we be able to upload our own content? or does it mean that the “doors are open” for companies wishing to buy stories? or is it something completely third thing?

Julia I signed up for the system and sent them a story to upload to see how it will look but haven’t heard back since. Also the system for now is less than intuitive. I do like the idea and looking forward to seeing how it goes and participating. Though I am somewhat hesitant about the option that client can alter the story and add bits that they like but are still allowed to have your name connected to it. The darkest scenario I can imagine in this case is somebody completely ruining my story and still having it up as something that I created :(.  What if some extreme radical organization decides to use and partly rewrite something of mine? or they just add some parts that make the whole story sounding like written by an idiot. The last bit has actually happened to me when one large publication decided to copy my article, add their own intro and still “credit” me with the resulting stupidity :(. I asked Paul about it and his reply was along the lines “if you don’t want story up under your name, maybe you shouldn’t put it in the system”.

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I am also a bit hesitant, but I still sent a few articles of mine. I guess it is always possible for people to take credit for our content regardless of whether we get paid or not. It can get stolen easily, happened a lot of friends. It’s hard not to be paranoid about it.

This is what the email said

Gain access to 1000s of pre-written articles!

Realview is excited to announce that the new Partica Content Marketplace will be launching on July 26th. Partica gives you instant access to thousands of high quality, royalty free, evergreen articles, ready for you to license and modify for your own use.

Partica is like a stock image library, for articles.

With Partica you get:

Affordable pre-written articles to save you time and money

All articles sourced from reputable publications and writers

No complicated content license agreements

Our initial launch on July 26th will feature content within the travel, wellness and lifestyle, outdoors and adventure, automotive, and equestrian categories, however we will be rapidly expanding to include other content categories as well.

If you would like to see content for a specific category please respond to this email and let us know so we can prioritise the categories that have the highest demand.
Sell your own articles

Do you own evergreen content? You could be selling your articles again (and again) in the Partica Content Marketplace.

Many publishers are already on board, but there is a bit of work (for us) to prepare your articles so make sure to get in contact with us sooner rather than later. We have technology that can extract articles from PDFs, download articles from your website or blog (with your permission) or you can simply send us your content and we take care of the rest.

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I inquired and the thing that’s keeping me hesitant is the access to content. I have a blog and they require access to it to take content and I’m just uncomfortable about it. If anyone else has a blog and has granted access, please let us know what the process it.

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@Ena Hey Ena, can you elaborate what kind of access they require. I just send 2-3 links from my blog to Paul but I didn’t really have to grant access to my wordpress account whatsoever.

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@Hikmet. Just seeing this message! I emailed and got a PDF to read all about it. It mentioned that one would need to give them access to your content or whatever platform you have your writing on to track performance of your articles on a cloud-based platform. I just don’t feel comfy with someone having access to my blog but if anyone else is trying it and it seems legit, then by all means please inform us.

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