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GOshoot Monthly Challenge [February]: Black and White

I’m starting up something called a GOshoot.

The challenge isn’t to find your best black and white photo, but to go out and MAKE the photo sometime this month.

The Challenge: Black and White. BW photography isn’t just about turning photos with poor light into greyscale to save them. BW photography is a lot about tones, contrast, and how removing colour alters the mood, focus, and atmosphere of the photo.  In the attached photo you can see a very different mood in each, from the bright blue to the BW. In the colour image, personally my eye goes straight to the blue sweaters, then the boy leaning forward. In the BW image, my eye goes straight to the boy, and it’s almost like something about his expression changes.

As you GOshoot, just consider what subjects can be served by BW. How can you purposefully make an image that’s improved by removing colour? You can review your coursework but  you’re also free to do a little digging outside the U. There’s lots on YouTube and photo blogs on this topic!


This is a novice-friendly challenge, you won’t be overly critiqued if you’re still learning. You may receive some suggestions.

If you’re in Advanced Travel Photography – challenge yourself (I’d be more specific but only you really know how to challenge yourself. A particular lens, a unfamiliar subject, dim light, talk to a stranger, motion, one of the compositions from Ch 3, process using Silver FX and really play with filters and tones). 



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Sorry guys – this is the photo I meant to include. I apologize for the tiny size, blame facebook compression. You can see my actual facebook post and a larger image here.


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Hello 🙂 I actually just took this photo on a hike yesterday, perfect timing I suppose, I love criticism so please let me know what you guys think!

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature<b></b><i></i><u></u>

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Never enough (constructive) criticism when I am learning.
I am apparently not able to upload images. The ‘insert/edit image’ button on top of the writing window is not giving me options to upload…


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if you right click on your image, say from facebook, and copy and paste it directly to the post then it’ll work

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It’s not a photos I’ve posted anywhere online, but I did so I could share them here.



Ruota panoramica

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(I tried to resize the images here in the post but it won’t let me. Full photos on my FB page here in any case.)

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@Lindsey — I love this road shot! What catches my eye is the reflections in the tire tracks that came out white, vs the dark dirt. That’s excellent contrast. And the fogginess at the back of the frame. Overall a great shot, kind of spooky. I might have squatted a little to really pull the lines that make up the road to the very edges of your frame, to make leading lines. But as far as BW content, nice job.


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@Richard – I like the swan for subject matter. For BW photos, the white of the swan and the dark of the lake is a good contrast. This particular image, the white is too white. I would try spot metering on such bright subjects to make sure you get the details of the subject decently exposed. Do you use spot metering?

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And yes — we’re working on it but for now attaching photos it a little bit of a pain. Thanks for working around it!

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@Kate- Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely take that into consideration for future shots, I honestly didn’t even think about that at the time. I look forward to more of these challenge shoots!

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Good to know. I didn’t use spot metering on this one, it was a shot on the go while walking. But it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have used it. I will pay more attention.
Grazie Kate!

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Sorry about my last two attempts to upload photos. I can’t seem to figure out how to upload them or delete the posts

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