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Frustrations with Facebook

So, recently I built my own website for a travelogue and have been creating content regularly on it for several months.  Whenever I post the link on Facebook (on my personal account) it might get half a dozen likes.  However when I was uploading pics during my last trip, I was getting upwards of 70 likes.  So, I started a Page, which drew in a lot of traffic, until it didn’t.  Now nobody even sees the Page.  I think my problem is exposure.  I have a site which won’t ever show up on a Reader feed.  Facebook suppresses the hell out of my links.  And forget about monetization.  I want to make a living off travel writing, but am being blocked by all of my resources.  WTH?  Has anyone experienced these problems?  What did you do to overcome them?

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Clinton, share your WordPress site so we can take a look. Also – there are other options than Facebook. MeWe doesn’t have near as much reach, but they have solid travel groups to highlight your latest articles/photos/links. Of course there is Twitter, etc.

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@Mike Howard,  Thank you for the tip!  I haven’t used MeWe yet, but I will check into it.  My site is at  Enjoy!

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Clinton, Facebook always prefers native content, that is content that is uploaded to their site…like photos and videos. External links will always get less distribution from them (it will show up on less people’s feeds). They want people to stay inside their environment, not to leave it. It’s just the reality of how Facebook works. One thing you can try is uploading a photo relevant to your article, and in the description talk a bit about the article then pop the link in there.

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