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For you who love to tell stories…

Hi, everyone… i’m here to connect with people who love to travel and write a story about places they have been to… i have an ig profile that’s dedicated to traveling and also some of random stuff cause i don’t have opportunity to travel that often… My goal is to connect with ppl who has been to a multiple places and therefore can tell their story what did and didn’t like on their trip… and where do you plan going next… you can find me on ig by @ganiimed … get in touch with me, and i’ll give you feedback… let’s connect through stories…

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I have the same story! I’ll definitely take a look at your Insta. I’m @lostandabroad 🙂 Let’s connect!

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Sounds like a great way to share experiences. My instagram is @saimcheeda

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Hey! I also love travelling around the world and love to share my experience as well. My Insta Id is @zunairamanzoor

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I am also traveling right now! My Instagram is @manases_prychodko

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Hola, gente linda!

I love to travel and just came around to starting an adventure account. I try to make an adventure out of all places, local and international. Here’s my Intsagram: @esme.the.explorer (That’s a period after “esme” and “the”). I’ll definitely look your profiles up! Let’s tell some stories!


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Interesting idea Milosh

I am just down the road from you now in Bulgaria but have been on the go all year pretty much and some interesting places still to come, Iraq in a couple of weeks for example.

Check out

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I think this is my thing too!!! already followed you all

mine: IG jajalberto1 twitter: @jajalberto

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This sounds lovely! My instagram is courtneyelizabethyoung. Can’t wait to chat with you all! 🙂

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I love to travel but I don’t, get a chance to do a lot of travel because, I depend on my family to make all the travel plans, and I don’t travel alone it’scary to travel alone this days, I like to talk to people who have gone, to different places to.

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This sounds awesome! My instagram is cessibajo.

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I love to travel and write about places and experiences that I have in it.

You can follow me on my instagram or read an article I wrote about my first trip alone to Brugges, Belgium.

this is the link:  




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Hi. Sound like a really good idea! I have just got in the the mood of writing articles about traveling. Got lots of ideas but love to hear from people what work for them and the experiences they have. I don’t travel as much as i like but i like to explore local areas who i have the time and give people a closer lookout undiscovered places. I am currently writing an article about Venice and the experience i had and how tourism is both helping create a thriving economical power yet ruining the aesthetic and causing a toxic environment.


my instagram @mj.stone.96


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