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Hi all,

I’ve just posted assignment 1’s ‘evergreen’ content. I think it fits the bill, but I’m not actually sure. I had a difficult time deciding on something to write about, so I went with an experience that’s been bumping around in my head for the past couple of months that I needed to get out! Anyway, here it is:

I’d really like some feedback! I want to hear what others think about my writing, whether it’s what was meant by ‘evergreen’, etc.

Also, anyone looking for a ‘writing partner’? Someone to read their stuff, get feedback and provide the same in return?

Thanks all!

Tabatha Smith

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Hello Tabatha!

I’ll check your post and give my opinion.

As for finding writing partners, check here:

A few students have gathered up to form a “writing group” for feedback. You should join! :)

Good luck!


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Thanks Daniel, I’ll have a look!



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