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Experiences? Online courses / masterclasses on blogging

Hi guys!

I’m in the process of starting my own blog and I have been thinking of whether or not to invest in a course (for example the MatadorU course about the fundamentals of travel writing) as I’m new to blogging and have limited experience in travel writing. My background is in photography.

I’d love to hear your experiences – do you think buying a course would be useful? What are your experiences on paid courses? 475 $ seems like a lot, so maybe there are cheaper options out there that you’d recommend? Many thanks 🙂

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Hi Alex,

I think it really depends why you want to start a blog, if it’s to develop your writing skills and showcase your writing, then I would totally go for the Matador course, as it’s really writing-centered (obviously!). However, the kind of writing we learn here is not just the regular travel-blogging, but more like travel journalism, writing for publications, guides, etc.. From what I’ve seen, most of travel blogging seems to be a lot more oriented towards getting large audiences and increasing numbers, not necessarily high quality writing. Of course, travel blogging in general would use some increased quality, fresh voices and different perspectives, but the truth is, it can get away with a more ordinary / lightweight / even mediocre type of writing.

So to sum up, I think the Fundamentals of Travel Writing course would help you, but it’s not a must. Also keep in mind that blogging is more than just writing, to be successful you need to learn social media, SEO, and the practicalities of it, and this is outside the scope of the courses here at MatadorU.

I don’t have a list of blogging courses available or recommendations, but I’ve seen many bloggers do run blogging courses, and they’re usually cheaper than the MatadorU courses. They probably also have a different focus. I would suggest that before you commit to any expense, you study well the blogs around, their style, types of topics, practices, social media streams, and take what you think you need to take from there. To improve your writing, first read the articles with writing advice on the MatadorNetwork website, many of them written by David Miller, they’re very good. Then, if you feel you need more guidance, research for the course that best fits you and enroll. 🙂


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Hi Alex,

I found earlier tonite. It is where I learned about MatadorU, actually. Part of their byline is:

Welcome to StoryV Travel & Lifestyle, a blog that delivers expert guidance on combining travel with work and more than a dash of travel inspiration.

Let me know if you decide to start a course they recommend.

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