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Eastern Canada by car?

So if I drive up to Canada from ATL this summer, and stick to visit the Eastern side……I know I want to visit Montreal & Quebec. Any other suggestions?

I have heard Algonquin Park is nice.

No clue on the whole country really, never been.

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If you’re really talking about eastern Canada you need to talk about the Atlantic provinces! PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland. Check out this cross-Canada roadtrip guide I produced after my trip last summer.

How much time do you have? How much area can you cover outside of Montreal/Quebec City? I didn’t get to go to the Gaspe peninsula but I’ve heard it’s gorgeous. Might be something if you’re just staying in that area.

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Hey Sebastian,

Carlos makes some good points and suggestions but the bottom line is you are talking about a BIG area so the amount of time you have is very important. You could spend a week in Montreal alone (which isn’t  the “Eastern side” of Canada). It also depends on the season. My suggestion, just immigrate to Canada, then you have all the time in the world to visit our beautiful country. Last tip, because we are 150 years old this year the National Parks are free!

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If you’re thinking ontario, I’d highly recommend a canoe trip in Algonquin Park if you can. I’ve spent that last 10 summers there – it’s beautiful. I hear great things about Killarney as well.

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I know for sure I want to explore Montreal and Quebec City

Im thinking Cape Breton as my one  of my main outdoor spots to explore a few days? Thoughts on this spot vs other ones in the East?

Gros Morne looks incredible but Google Maps says it takes 15 of driving/ferry to get there from Cape Breton…..?


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Cape Breton and Montreal/QC are very far apart, a VERY long day’s drive or a couple days if you’re more reasonable about it. And that’s just to get there, you’ll want at least a few days to do the Cabot Trail loop and stop for some hikes, exploring. If you’re more into the outdoors/nature I would explore Cape Breton over Montreal/QC…but if you’re more into cities then yes, Montreal/QC for sure. Gros Morne is a 6 hour ferry ride from North Sydney, Nova Scotia (which is part of Cape Breton) and then a couple hours from the port to get into the park. It’s stunning but I would recommend Newfoundland as an entirely separate trip…it’s a big time/effort/money investment to go just for Gros Morne…you could easily spend a couple weeks just going across the province.

The east coast of New Brunswick is pretty sweet as well, just to throw in another option. You have Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy and just some really great coastline in general. Another option is PEI which is stunning. Charlottetown is a great little city to explore…and the national parks in the north of the island are awesome (beaches, sand dunes).

How much time in total do you have? How much driving do you want to do? Where are you flying into?

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2 weeks, driving from Atlanta

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@Carlo have you been to Algonquin Natl Park? Thoughts?

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I haven’t no, looks like Jonny has though.

Atlanta is quite a drive to Montreal already…you may want to just have a small-ish radius around Montreal…check out the Gaspe peninsula. Unless you REALLY love to drive!

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I second Carlo. Eastern Provinces are some of the friendliest and most scenic the country has to offer.I am doing a 2-week road trip in the fall and hitting Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick and can’t wait.

If you are not heading that way, Algonquin Park is great!

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I drove from Galveston, Texas to Ontario, Canada in the early 90’s, and it was a splendid road trip,I must say.   I stopped in Memphis, Tennessee and I stopped in Buffalo, New York and stayed overnight with a family member.  I traveled to this destination in July, which is one of Texas’ hottest summer months.  Canada is a beautiful country.  It is, by far, one of the top five cleanest places thatI have ever been.  There was no humidity at all, and the people were all so very polite.  I recommend Ontario to anyone who may be yearning for a road trip.

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Any recos for exploring outside Montreal and Quebec City?

Small towns? Parks?

I think PEI sounds reasonable too

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Basically After Montreal and Quebec I really wanna see some epic non urban natural and hiking scenario

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Sebastian, if you use Mapquest and paper maps, you’ll be able to estimate distances. I strongly suggest basing out of a couple places, then taking off on back roads with no agenda.

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Hi Sebastian, I agree with Carlo said that Cape Breton is kind of a drive from Montreal and even Halifax itself. I don’t think two weeks is enough time to cover all Montreal, Quebec and three Atlantic province, as you also need time to drive from place to place. My take is either spend two weeks in Quebec or pick one of the three maritime provinces to explore. Cape Breton itself needs couple of days to road trip, hike and explore. Prince Edward Island is relatively small and you can drive around in a few days, but you still want to get to know the history and the culture there – after all, it is the birthplace of Canada.

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