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Dubious Matador Messaging

Of the nine current market call “Featured Leads” in Matador “Market Place” – two are for “LGBTQ” writers, one is for “Writers of Color” and one is for “Dating, Relationships, and Sex.” That’s almost 50 percent of the featured leads requesting content that seems specifically designed to alienate, if not offend, mainstream morality, mores, and standards across the globe. Might be refreshing to just concentrate on Travel, Destinations, and Travel Writing? I mean – can we get away from the grievance industry/division/identity politics bandwagon – at least on what purports to be a “traveler network?”¬† Unless there is some pointed agenda behind these peripheral interests?

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While these may be peripheral interests to you, Mike, people of differing sexual orientations, ethnicities, physical capabilities etc. than yourself have long (read: always) been completely overlooked in travel writing. Much of the time this has been the case in places that they occupy and often have been important parts of.

I speak as a girl from Kenya who for too long has seen my country and region written about inaccurately or just with lazy stereotypes and pre-judements, even if some of those are considered to be “good” stereotypes.

At the end of the day travel hopefully opens people’s minds to how small their world is considering the greater world and whatever you even consider “mainstream” may simply be what you know so far. “Travel, Destinations, and Travel Writing” are nothing without people, and everything you’ve pointed out affects and shapes people.

 Have a great day.

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Julie, I’m with you – lazy stereotypes and pre-judgements – even if some of those are considered “good” stereotypes are precisely what I was questioning. Have a great day.


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