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does My dream wants me too?

in a cold rainy day , i thinked maybe i need to relax and enjoy the quiet while reading my electronical book.But after few minutes of reading the lights went out ..Oh no what i suppose to do even the books i had in my little libary i “ve all finished them … suddnley i decided that the best way is enjoying the view of the montains and trees outside my window so i set down near than the window drinking a cup of hot green tea ..while that i saw beautifull lights on an Angel coming  to me moving like it was dancing in the sky .. just the moment i saw my angle a big smile was on my face and my heart start beating like it never does . The plane landed finally but it leaved me all messed up .. luckly the lights were on again so i made a move to my keyboard and asked him more about the sky feild .. my computer gave me all what i needed to calm down the feeling inside my hear and the thoughts inside my brain every time i know more i smile and be comfortable more .my thoughts my feelings were all in togather and they become what it called a dream an ambition for me ..and that dreamis always waving to me far away and waiting for me till i reache it .when every one is leting me down ,my dream won’t  it’s the only one who encourage me to move forward take chances work hard that’s how i wanted you .So my dream i won’t let you down i’ll always give my best to make u a reality  and that’s how you want me.

We all have dreams and there’s nothing impossible to reach ;knowing more is getting a closer more ,so find your way and start walking it no matter what happen u have to finish the race to win and may god make all of your dreams come true

your little writer Maya

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Young and very talented. Well done Maya you have a bright future

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