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Contracts and Letters of Agreement

Greetings MatU tribe!

I recently landed a freelance gig writing 4 blog posts a month on Japan related things for a Japanese Language school here in Tokyo. [insert happy dance here]

I’m looking for some good samples of freelance writing contracts and letters of agreement. I’ve found a few online but, I wondered if anyone had any links or samples they’d be willing to share as well.


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This is mostly a thread to myself at this point but, I’m posting here in anticipation and hopes it will help other MatU students in the future when faced with their own situations where they need to prepare a freelance writing contract and/or letter of agreement.
I found this useful site by legal academics at Columbia Law School. The fact it was written by legal academics at an ivy league school lends much to the credibility factor considering the insane amount of info on web searches. The title of the site is “Keep Your Copyrights” and on their ‘about this site’ page it says, “this site is designed to help creators hold on to their copyrights, to license their rights on author-friendly terms, and in general to encourage creators to take a more active role in managing the life of their creative work.”

Too bad I found this well after a gravely disappointing debacle with some photography I did some years ago. The good thing that came of that is a very personal realization of how important it is to make sure everyone is on the same page expectations wise before saying, “yes” to commissioned work whether for pay or otherwise.

Here’s the link for their landing page:

Columbia Law School | Keep Your Copyrights
Looking forward to hearing whether or not this helps anyone else out. 🙂


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I wrote a lot of blog articles for a company.  I never had to sign a contract or letter of agreement.  I was paid for every article and had no complaints.  Point being, I can’t provide you with one.

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