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Confusion on Assignment #5

Hey all,

I’m confused on Assignment #5. I’m working on it and came to the forum to see what other people had done for the assignment and what I find is vastly different from from the way I read the assignment. Did I miss something?

What I find here on the forum is that the assignment was “bio and 3 pitches” but the assignment I saw was to research an area, find what has been written, learn about it and then

“Write a short (500 word) “report” on your place written in 3rd person (similar to a wikipedia entry) that incorporates your research, ideally with at least one first-hand source quoted”

Nowhere does it mention bio and three pitches.

Did I miss something?

Thank you for the clarification. Jim

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Hey, Jim. There have been some curriculum changes, so the best thing to do is follow the current structure. In the next couple weeks, we’ll implement the “Student Showcase” and then you will start seeing current assignments again, in a different format on the page. For the time being, just follow the curriculum.

Sorry about the confusion!


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Thanks kate! No worries. I’ll do that. Even tho….I want to start preparing some pitches. :-)

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Ok I’m so glad you asked that! I felt the exact same way as you…I didn’t know where all these pitches were coming from. I’m still a bit lost. Would you mind if I read your chapter five assignment?



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Summer. No problem. I posted it in the #5 assignment forum. Take a look and I’d love feedback if you have any. Thanks! Jim

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