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confused about the Matador blog structure…


I’m feeling a little confused about the Matador structure, and I think I would benefit from some clarification before I know where to pitch my ideas.

As I peruse the posts on Matador, I feel that my writing falls best into the narrative category: and also seems relevant to the postings under BNT: (like this one, the type of article I aspire to write: So, is “narrative” a topic, and BNT a specific blog to which I would pitch my ideas?

Sorry if this has been covered before – I thought it made more sense earlier, but I’m now feeling quite confused – or maybe not!



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Hey Betsy,

No worries, Matador is one heck of a complex structure! To sum it up, the Network is made of a series of different “blogs.”

Here’s a guide:

Tags like “narrative’ are actually a topic that would fit under any one of these blogs. We like diversity in our writing! Does that help?


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Yes, very helpful, thanks!

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