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Chapter 6 – 10 Groovy Publications for Travel Writers

Hiya Candice (or perhaps Josh)!

Wow, this one took a lot of research! I must have gone through eighty different publications and narrowed it down to these ten that are realistic to pitch as a newbie. You can read it here.

I have a newbie question for you, and please forgive my naivete.

On several websites, it says something along the lines of ‘We will not accept anything previously published, including blogs, etc.’ I’m paraphrasing, but if I’m planning to pitch something, should it not be posted on my blog? For example, if I wanted to pitch my Chapter 1 assignment on Las Vegas as a Local, should I delete that from my blog if I want to pitch it for publication?

Thank you for your time!


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Great list for newbies and established travel bloggers/writers alike. I hope you found sifting through the piles of google search results motivating – there are tons of places that publish travel writing – which of these are you considering submitting to first?

To answer your question – I don’t know the specifics submission guidelines for the website in question – but if they are saying they do not want anything pre-published it is probably safe to assume this means you blog as well as sites like Matador.

If this were me, and I wanted to subb this piece I would indeed take it off my site and make a few edits / tweaks, nothing major – so that I could honestly claim it was an unpublished piece.

hope that helps!

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Thanks for the advice, Josh!

Matador, The Expeditioner and Go Nomad seem to be the sites I could pitch to today. These sites want fully written articles. I’d also like to pitch to Wild Junket, who are looking for longer pieces, but I don’t have any material ready within their criteria at the moment.

I have one more silly question. If I pitch an article I haven’t written yet, what is the rule of thumb with length? If I pitch a 1000-word article and it ends up being 1200 words, do editors see that as a problem? If I pitch a 1000-word article, what is an acceptable word count to be over or under?

Again, sorry for my ignorance!

Cheers in advance!


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Hey Angela,

If they’ve accepted a 1000 word article, def keep it to 1000. If you’re maybe 50 words over, that’s cool. Nobody will break your knuckles. ;)

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Ha! Thanks Candice. Enjoy your new backpack. Makes me think it’s time to purchase a new one myself!

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Thanks, pumped to try it out!

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