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Ok, I was totally bored with my original bio so I tried another one…. maybe its a little too honest…

And Ive only done one pitch so far because I’m having a hard time with this one – maybe direct me on the one I tried and I’ll continue from there?

Oh and my links…. I added them… I don’t see them…. What did I do wrong?

Thank you thank you

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woops – password is bambu.

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First up: bio is much too long! The first paragraph, or the second. The second — gold mine. Honesty and brashness are always GOLDEN. Work it. Brings out your personality and makes me want to immediately click on your bio and read all about your escapades.

Seriously. Sell those stories. I have yet to read a “Confessions from a phone sex worker” piece. Or “How to avoid your husband.”

For the pitch: you’ve outlined the idea perfectly, citing amazingly compelling examples. But I’m left wondering WHY people are stranded in Belize? What is it about BELIZE? Or is this more about becoming an “accidental expat” wherever? A bit more detail is needed (and perhaps trim the pitch down a little), and this sounds like a super interesting idea. Or an “accidental expat” idea in general. Could turn it into a major news piece, if you really wanted.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks, Candice!

I should have numbered those bio options so it was clear that I was trying two different ones – but the first one is gone now.

I’ve been wondering, too, if people get “stuck” as much in other countries as they do here in Belize…

“Accidental Expat,” …. I like it.

As always, I appreciate your feedback :)

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Ah, thought it might be two bios, but wasn’t 100% sure. Thanks for clearing that up!

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