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Chapter 10 blog troubles

Please help!

I’m trying to work on the assignment for Chapter 10, but I don’t really understand anything, since I’m completely technologically challenged! I asked a friend for help, but when he tried to access my Matador blog to try and help, he said it didn’t come up and asked if I’d deleted it.

I’m guessing I need to start a new, independent blog? I think I’d be OK with that as there are step-by-step guides online, but I don’t get the whole Media Kit and Advertise Page at all. Can someone PLEASE supply an “Idiot’s Guide to…”? My poor brain is about ready to explode.

Thanks for any and all help!


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Heya Simone,

You can submit your assignment via the submission form when you reach the end of the Chapter. We’ll receive it directly! You can also post your assignment in the Student Union, so others can read.

As for media kit and advertise page, you can still submit via the submission form, even if you don’t have a blog right now. It’s good practice for when you want to monetize.

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