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Changes to Chapter 1 of Writing course coming next week

WRITING STUDENTS: On Tuesday, Feb 11, we will be updating Chapter 1 of the Writing Course in both the material and the assignment. The changes will be as follows:

1. The “evolution of travel writing” sections will be moved to the Pre-Course
2. The “Interviewing” section will be moved to Chapter 2
3. New and improved curriculum will be added to Chapter 1
4. The assignment will be modifed to more closely relate to new Chapter 1 material

Apologies to anyone who is in the middle of the chapter. It would be well worth your while to go back to the beginning of Chapter 1 and read the new material. For anyone who is beyond Chapter 1, please take some time at some point to return to the chapter and read the new curriculum.

All changes we make to course material are always with the benefit of the student in mind. We strive to offer the best education we can and will always continue to make improvements when and where possible.

We hope you enjoy the improvements! Please feel free to offer any feedback to me ( or to your Student Advisor at">

Have a great weekend!
Carlo Alcos
Dean of Education

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