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Can you pitch material that you have published on your own personal channels?

Hi everyone
In short my question is, do publishers accept articles,pictures,videos that you have posted on your own website/social media channels? I would like to present my best work on my chanAnels to try and get an audience but I also feel wary of publishing anything because I feel like that could make the material invalid for paid publications. My gut is telling me ‘No because it’s already out there’.
Looking forward to any replies.

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Few travel magazines – print or digital – accept articles that have already run on line – even on personal blogs. Most prefer and/or require first world rights, “allowing” republishing articles after specified periods of time ranging from a few months to a year. Check out their writers guidelines for details. Even after copyright reverts to the author – it’s tough pitching previously published articles – and the few outfits that do accept them, pay outrageously discounted rates.  I say – pitch your intellectual property to legitimate print magazines first (start high and work your way down until you get a sale). Once you’ve sold it, wait as long as you’ve agreed to and then start pitching again – even if the remaining targets only offer the price of a sandwich – a sale is a sale, and every sale adds to your body of work. Once you’ve exhausted paying markets – pitch the “we can’t pay and only offer ‘exposure’ bottom feeders.” Then and only then, run it on your own blog/social media.

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yeah its new work love

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yeah its new work love

New work for me too!

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