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Blogger based in Iran

Hello and Salam everyone! I am an American Midwesterner living in Iran with my mixed race family. We travel a lot to remote spots, so our spin is a bit different (family + nature + local villager life + small towns).

I am new to Matador but not new to travel, writing, photography, videos, and adventure.

I currently am branching out of a Facebook page used to document my stories, photos, and videos of travel and life in Iran. I am in the middle of buying a website and also starting to use the YouTube and Instagram platforms.

Now I am considering pitching stories to magazines, sites, etc. as some of my posts have grabbed a little attention in some forums I contribute to. Besides developing a high quality website and making cohesive branding across all the platforms I intend to publish on, what are some other necessary ways to “professionalize” or “legitimize” my work…quickly? I do not want to pitch stories until I have a little bit of branding and content on all my platforms, and also be able to point back to a main website. Als0 – anyone have any resources where I could figure out how to monetize that website?

All advice appreciated and thank you for your time!


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Hey Grace,

That’s exciting! I started a blog back in 2015 for my travels in Asia and Spain. Here’s an article that might help:

this one literally breaks all the steps down^

From my own experience, I’d say networking is super important, so set aside some time to hit up every author and site that has content you like. You never know what might come out of it! Also, don’t let perfectionism stop you from getting your blog live & articles out 🙂

Have a look at the Marketplace here too; sometimes there are sites that offer exposure or payment for contribution. Hope that helps!

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