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Blogger based in Iran

Hello and Salam everyone! I am an American Midwesterner living in Iran with my mixed race family. We travel a lot to remote spots, so our spin is a bit different (family + nature + local villager life + small towns).

I am new to Matador but not new to travel, writing, photography, videos, and adventure.

I currently am branching out of a Facebook page used to document my stories, photos, and videos of travel and life in Iran. I am in the middle of buying a website and also starting to use the YouTube and Instagram platforms.

Now I am considering pitching stories to magazines, sites, etc. as some of my posts have grabbed a little attention in some forums I contribute to. Besides developing a high quality website and making cohesive branding across all the platforms I intend to publish on, what are some other necessary ways to “professionalize” or “legitimize” my work…quickly? I do not want to pitch stories until I have a little bit of branding and content on all my platforms, and also be able to point back to a main website. Als0 – anyone have any resources where I could figure out how to monetize that website?

All advice appreciated and thank you for your time!


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