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Best Entry Level DSLR Camera?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to take the next step in my travel photography and bump up to a DSLR camera.  Anyone have recommendations about the best camera?  I’m a newbie, but am willing to put time into learning.

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I think what you’ll find is that the recommendations you’ll get are biased around what camera the person uses. I’ve almost always shot with Canon so I’d recommend something from the Canon Rebel series as a starter DSLR. A Nikon user would maybe recommend the D3300 and so on. I think they’re so close comparatively though that it generally comes down to brand loyalty (or what you’re used to), if you have one. If you don’t, then pay attention to which camera does what better (they will all have pros and cons) and go off that, whatever you feel is most important to you.

Or…maybe you find a good sale, or someone selling one for a good deal. As a newbie, truth is it probably doesn’t matter all that much as you’ll be focusing so much on your technique and learning about exposure etc. That said, you should pick wisely as it could be your camera for a long time.

Personally, I just switched from DSLR to mirrorless. I sold my Canon 40D and now have a Sony a6000 ( You should consider mirrorless…they are more compact, lighter, and have interchangeable lenses. I’m super impressed with the image quality and the speed of this camera. I just found that with the heavier/bulkier DSLR and the lenses I would just leave it at home…I’m way more likely to carry the smaller mirrorless with me, and like they say, the best camera is the one you have on you.

Good luck!


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I agree with Carlo and I’ll add a bit more. I shoot with the Canon 6D and my previous camera was a Canon Rebel T5i. The most important improvement was the sensor size. I can see the difference in image quality between my 6D’s full-frame sensor and the Rebel’s cropped sensor. I personally wouldn’t go back to a cropped sensor.

Another thing I like about the 6D is its built-in GPS. Now I don’t need to know the exact name and location of where I am shooting, I can just use the maps module in Lightroom. Yes, I like to know exactly where I am shooting in case I want to use the location in a blog post. The 6D lacks a built-in flash which can be useful sometimes. The worst part of a DSLR, especially for travellers is its size. My next camera will be a mirrorless, Probably the Sony full-framed ones (expensive).

To somewhat answer your question, I would suggest picking a camera based on where you want to be as a photographer in a few years, or even a few months. If I could do it all again when it comes to buying a camera, I would skip the cropped sensors and jump straight to the full-frame mirrorless camera.


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Heya! I agree with carlo the Canon Rebel line is great – any of them – and often available used online for cheap, and able to get a few lenses too. This is the cheapest and most common route.

Lots of people are going mirrorless, I personally love the a6000. Small but powerful. Lenses can be a bit more expensive. But the kit lens of the a6000 is a great lens and for some it’s all they need.

Is there any specific model you’re looking at?

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Thanks for the tips, everyone!  I think I am going to go mirrorless.

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Cool, keep us posted what you end up with…looking forward to seeing your photos!

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