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ATTN: Labs have been upgraded – please read!

LABS have been upgraded – please read this message carefully.

Starting NOW Labs will no longer be posted to the Forum.

This means Labs submissions will also NOT be posted to the Forum.


Labs are now accessed under ‘My Courses’ – just like the course material, Exercises and Assignments. When in ‘My Courses’ you can easily see what labs are open for submissions on each course tab .

Click ‘My Labs’ to open up the Labs tab and to choose a Lab in which to submit your work to.


Once you have clicked ‘My Labs’ you will see thumbnail images for the Labs that are currently OPEN.

Click the thumbnail and you will be taken to the Lab description and the interface in which you are to submit your work.

You will notice that this is very similar to how the Assignments and Exercises are submitted.

This new system is much more integrated with the site design and makes it easier for staff to schedule and respond to Labs and easier for students to anticipate and participate in Labs.

Please continue to use the Forums to network, collaborate and communicate with each other and LET A STAFF MEMBER KNOW if you have any questions or are having troubles navigating the new Labs structure.

Happy travels!




[P.S. I realize that the writing Lab was also posted to the Forum this week – those that submitted to this Lab via the Forum will still get feedback. If you have not submitted to this week’s Lab but intend to, please use the new Lab Interface.]

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Do we still get access to previous post on the labs? As it is it doesn’t look like it. It would be nice if we could. I’ve learned a lot by checking work published there and the feedback given.

View Profile 2013-05-19 16:18:28 PDT

I can’t get anything other than the Lab tab which indicates closed.   I had made the assumption that closed would mean to new posts while the photos are critqued, not to view anything or to check on the posts that others whose progress I like to follow have made.   Is it now personal only so no generic feed back that assists everyone?



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Just to second what Filipa said – I always read all the other students’ submissions and the feedback they get and find it very useful. Will we still be able to do this?

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I am checking on the visibility options for the new Lab structure – do me a favor and participate in the Labs this week (they open on Wednesday – you can always check the Calendar too ) and we will break this thing in together!

sound good?

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Is it feasible to have the topic on the Lab tab in the calender (even if only one week out)?   Some require more notice to actually locate, titivate and load a photo, others are working fulltime and some don’t have access to the net all the time.   A little extra notice of the topic may make it easier for more people to respond and keep the area fresh and useful.

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Everyone go check out and you will see the next several Labs and their themes including the Film discussion open to all students and the Pitch lab at the beginning of June.

You could not see past Labs because no students have submitted a Lab yet through the new interface. Lab posts will be viewable to other students – so you can always see what feedback and instruction is being given to others – we realize that is a vital element to the Labs.

Similarly, the old Labs threads in the Forum will remain available for reference.

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Hi Josh,

Great news, thanks. Just had a look – the new system is looking good.



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So glad you like it Nicola!

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That’s much better. Thanks.

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Hi Josh,


I also am having some trouble.  I’d like to submit to the writing lab this week, but though it seems ongoing through tomorrow in the calendar, it doesn’t show up as an open lab in the tab indicated.  Can you help me figure this out?


I’d also like to participate in the travel film discussion tomorrow, but am unsure if it’s correct to just write that in the main text area and use my photo where required.  Will this get me in if there is still space?


Thank you,



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I’m sorry for the confusion Lauren – we were still working out the bugs in the Labs – sorry if the calendar and the tab were not in sync – I believe that issue has been remedied.

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The labs for this week are open, but we still haven’t goten feedback for last week…what’s up with that? has the timing for feedback on the Labs also changed?


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Work submitted to the Labs will receive feedback within 7 days – I see Noah has given your work some feedback this morning.

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Hi Josh,

I had a small doubt. Although the calendar lists the Writing Lab between the 5th and 7th of June, the only lab that is appears when I open “My Labs” is the Pitch Lab. Does this mean that the Writing Lab, for this period, is closed?

Thank You,


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