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Assignment One: How to Educate Yourself Without Going to College

Here is my assignment 1 part 1. Let me know what you think.


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Ah if only I was so self-motivated! I would love to learn about all these things without the added baggage of a formal education, but I know I would simply end up sitting bored at home without the drive to do such. So a very interesting topic for sure! The only thing I would suggest would be adding some kind of a conclusion. If you feel it doesn’t need one, then by all means stick with that as I’m not sure it needs any kind of wrap up. But for me it just felt like I was dropped instead of set down. A single sentence restating your thesis works perfectly well just to give a sense of completion.

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Love this topic and you’ve done a pretty good job with the execution. I’ve actually passed it along to the editors of Matador Life to see if they’d be interested in running a revised version of it.

A few things I think that could make the piece stronger:

-tightening up: Your intro is fantastic because it’s personable and anecdotal. It’s a little wordy, though, so if you could trim it a bit, I think it would be more engaging.

-making sure your punctuation in the subheadings is consistent: Some of them have periods and some don’t. You can choose either one, but make sure you stay consistent.

-adding more ideas: I felt like you had a really novel list and I was curious to hear even more ideas. If you don’t have any, don’t force them, but if you do have some more, I’d love to see them.

Good work on this first assignment.

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Really like this piece, it inspires rebellion. Would be nice if there were perhaps a few more ideas listed, but otherwise great. Well done!

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On the first glimpse of this title, I thought you were going to send a few open university web links but was taken by surprise. Nice work, but a few more points will solidify this piece, but it’s no doubt, a great read!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

It is ridiculous that it has taken me this long to make revisions but I just moved and I’ve been working seven days a week in order to get into a more financially stable situation, and to buy a bike! I made a few changes so let me know what you think.

And Julie, thank you so much for the advice and for passing my article along to matador life.

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Love this. You provide really sound examples for an alternative to traditional education. Personally, I like the fewer number of ideas since I have the attention span of a goldfish. So it was the right length to keep me interested the whole time. Great work!

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Great topic and sound advice. I’ll be putting some of your suggestions into practice. Love the jelly photo also!

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Nice use of captions. Several other students have been wondering how to add them; did you use a particular HTML code?

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Your title made me click on your assignment, it hooked me in!

This story is also good for people who graduated a long time ago and want to keep up with the latest.

Something I like to do is skim university subjects for their recommended textbooks – its much nicer reading the book because you want too and not because you have to sit an exam at the end of it! Plus I keep up to speed with what’s going on without paying huge fees for post graduate study.

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really interting and motivating topic. another thing to do is to visit uni classes without being a student. i sat in a harvard psychology class and though you’ll never get a piece of paper at the end saying you went you’re still learning!

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