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assignment no 1 – question

Hi. The answer to my question may be somewhere & I’ve missed it! But when i have completed the first assignment, does it get marked? How does the marker know I have completed it?

Sorry if I am being stupid here.

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Hi, Rosie-

Do you mean is the assignment reviewed and “graded”?

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Hi Julie

Yes. That’s it. Sorry I didn’t get the words right. I think it’s on the site somewhere. I need to sit down one afternoon next week & surf the site properly.

Actually whilst here can i ask another question. I had an e mail through yesterday to say my registration wasn’t complete. It gave me a link to go into. However it was a site i had already completed. I have a paypal acknowledgement that says I have paid. My bank also indicates i have paid. I don’t want to follow this screen & pay twice!! Any ideas?

Sorry to be a dumbo.

Love Rosie x

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Hi, Rosie-

You’re not a dumbo! :)

I’ll check into the registration/payment issue for you to see what the problem is.

We don’t grade your assignments. In fact, we don’t really workshop your pieces, but we read them and offer feedback. I think you’re likely to find that your peers in the class will provide just as much valuable feedback–if not more–than those of us who are Matador editors. If you ever have any specific questions, though, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us (and the “us” is the group of editors– you can find our names/backgrounds here:

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Rosie: just sent you follow up email directly. Sorry about any confusion.

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Thanks Julie & David for that. Wow – what a great team – fast comeback. Ok gotta get going – places to go & things to write!!! There is a fiesta over at Cadavedo today – annual as far back as whenever! Might be worth writing a piece on – watch this space!!!!

Love Rosie x

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