Forums Writing Chapter 8 Assignment: letter of interest for internship [couldn't find suitablpress trip)

Assignment: letter of interest for internship [couldn't find suitablpress trip)

I searched the Market News for press trips but none was available I was fit for felt comfortable with, instead, I chose this internship in Buenos Aires: Thanks in advance for your comments.

Dear Maria Cristina,

My name is Ana Astri-O’Reilly and I’m a contributing editor with PocketCultures (, where I write exclusively about Argentinean culture and customs. I am Argentinean born and bred and fully bilingual.

I’m interested in the position of travel writer intern in Buenos Aires as I’m passionate about travelling and writing. I don’t require accommodation as I can make my own arrangements in Buenos Aires, which happens to be my hometown and which I know well.

I’m computer literate and have knowledge about blogging: I use the WordPress platform for my two blogs (in English and in Spanish respectively). I also use social media on a daily basis: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, Pinterest and Stumble Upon.

Here are some clips of my published work:

The Castle of the Moors:

A Walking Tour of Old Montreal:

Cafe Culture in Buenos Aires:

Ana Travels ( is my blog in English and apuntes ideas imagenes ( is my Spanish blog.

I have a few ideas for articles, such as the following:

* Gaucho life in the city: Feria de Mataderos. This fair takes place every weekend and visitors can have a taste of the gaucho lifestyle, eat typical food, watch horse races (carreras cuadreras), and buy handicrafts.

* The second-hand bookshops that line Avenida Corrientes, where one can find rare and out-of-print books at bargain prices. (I recently bought a hundred-year-old book for a song)

* The importance of mate in Argentinean culture and everyday life. Mate is the national drink and is so popular that no one fathoms life without it.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Fantastic, Ana. I’d hire you in a heartbeat!

What do you mean by “I recently bought a hundred-year-old book for a song”?

Is Mate a topic that gets written about fairly often? If so, might be a good idea to replace with another idea. The first topic ideas demonstrate your expertise the most, in my opinion.

Finally, mention that Buenos Aires is your hometown sooner in the letter. It’s a pretty important detail and should be at the forefront.


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Thank you, Candice!

I really did buy a book that was published in 1912! “For a song” means at a low price. At the current exchange rate, I paid less than 10 US Dollars.


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Ah, an expression I haven’t heard before! Haha. Neat.

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