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Assignment Chapter Ten: Advertising Space

This is my ad page. I have done it for my main blog (on blogspot) instead of my matador blog simply because it is up and running. I’m going to change over to word press after last week’s lessons! I’m just unable to do that right now.

I’m not finding my blog terribly exciting so I really want to spend some time on it. I haven’t done a media kit as I actually don’t think I have that much to offer an advertiser at the moment. I know I probably shouldn’t be saying that, but with only just over 1000 hits in just under a year, let’s be honest. I put my Alexa rating on, but I was wondering Julie, is it a good thing to put it on when it isn’t a very good ranking? I’m not sure. Also, because it is quite low down on the list, I’m unable to find any other detailed info for the site, such as unique user numbers etc. I think it’s because my traffic volume is so low, or am I looking in the wrong place? Would love to have ideas on all that.

I plan on redoing the whole blog, making it look more professional and making me look more professional. It was originally started just for the family at home, but now it’s time to step it up a gear!

Thanks in advance,

Rebecca x

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I appreciate your honesty working through this assignment. In your case, I actually think it would make the most sense to revisit this assignment after you migrate to WordPress and study the layout, design, and focus of that new blog, as well as start promoting it actively by building up your readership and leveraging social media.

You ask whether you should publish your Alexa ranking if it’s not very high. You could justify a “yes” or “no” response to this question, but I think “no” is fine. Why? Because anyone can go to and plug in your URL to find it out for themselves. In the absence of big, impressive numbers, what do you have to offer an advertiser? If the answer is “Nothing yet!”, that’s fine.

Keep in mind, though, that you may never have big numbers, and that’s ok, too. There are hundreds of advertisers who aren’t necessarily looking for reach but are instead looking for depth of connection with your readership. If they know you’ve got 100 loyal readers who are hooked to your every post and spend five minutes on your site during each visit, that may be more valuable to them than 10,000 readers who visit irregularly and only spend 30 seconds there. It just depends on what their targets are and whether you can establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you want me to work on this assignment with you once you’ve got the WP blog up, please let me know; I’m happy to do that.

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Julie, that’s super advice. Thank you so much. And thank you also for your very generous offer. I’d love to take you up on that! I’m going to start to tackle that once I’ve finished the course, so in a couple of weeks. Brilliant! X

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Hi Julie,

finally got my advertising page up. Media kit will have to wait a little bit longer still!

Would love to hear what you think.



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Good first draft- you’ve hit all the main points and provided most of the information an advertiser is likely to be looking for. Some of the wording is a bit awkward in places; here are a couple examples:

“Press trips are accepted as an experienced, solo traveller and travel writer. Articles from any trips taken will be published on The Brink of Something Else and actively promoted, and pitches to other travel publications can be discussed prior to the trip. ” [This sentence feels a little awkward; can you revise?]

Also, this seems like a tiny detail (and it is), but decide whether you want to use the serial comma and, if so, use it consistently. In other words, in a series of items joined by commas, do you want to use the last comma or not? In this sentence, you use it: “My readers travel more slowly, are interested by local cultures and local languages, and love to learn.”, but in this one you don’t: “Advertise on The Brink of Something Else and reach passionate, curious long-term travelers and expats who are Internet-savvy and hungry for new travel experiences, new travel inspiration and new travel toys!”

A spelling error: “My readers are predominately from the US,” [should be “predominantly”]

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Thanks Julie – fixing up those details and changing awkward sentences now.

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You’re welcome.

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