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Assignment 8: Press Trip pitch

I’ve been avoiding this assignment… don’t know why! But in the meantime I wrote an article that’s getting published and paid! Woop! Woop!

This is for a press trip advertised on Media Kitty to Grand County. I’m not entirely qualified as they want people who have guaranteed publications (a slight catch-22 situation for freelancers, methinks), but it seemed the most appropriate one.

Dear Gaylene,

My name is Kat Clay and I’m a freelance travel writer and award-winning photographer. My written publications include Travel Weekly, TNT and On a Junket, as well as photography on the Wanderlust and the Sydney Morning Herald websites. I’m currently studying travel writing at MatadorU and hold a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing.

I’m interested in the Grand County press trip advertised on Media Kitty, as I am passionate about writing about new hiking destinations. As an avid hiking enthusiast with previous experience in outdoors retail, I understand the interests of adventure consumers. In 2011 I travelled through the United States for three months, visiting and hiking the major national parks.

I currently blog about hiking and outdoors activities on my travel blog with my husband. Here is a sample post from Shenandoah National Park:

For more samples of my writing and photography, please visit:

As there is a large market for international hiking and biking in Australia, I would aim to place the story in national outdoors magazines such as Wild and Outdoor. I would also place articles on my personal blog and use Twitter to promote the trip. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


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Hey Kat,

First of all, CONGRATS on getting published! Woot!

This is a great pitch, and if I were Gaylene, I’d consider you perfectly qualified. The only issue, of course, is not having the “guaranteed” publication. It IS a bit of a Catch-22…but the more you build up a repertoire with certain clients, the easier it is to place content. For example, I have certain dedicated publications that will support my projects/trips as long as the content I place with them fits their brand and style (i.e. Matador).

It doesn’t hurt to pitch anyway, but if you can Query Wild or Outdoor beforehand to see if they’re interested, that’d be really helpful.



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Hey Kat,

Congrats on getting published! Your pitch sounds great to me. I’m also a hiking enthusiast– we should meet up somewhere and go together. I’m going to Jirisan in a couple weekends (with an organized group.) Have you been?


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Sarah we should totally go hiking. June is crazy for me – I went to World Expo, Seoul, Namhe Island and am going to Singapore all in the space of a month! I’ll email you, but July/August I am so up for fun times.

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